UX design and business success - An article by AI robot.

Francis Juma Katambi
2 min readSep 8, 2020
Philosopher AI

I came across Philosopher AI created by Murat Ayfer which can help you generate texts on different topics using GPT-3. I got excited and typed “Ux design and business success” Below is 80% written by a robot and 20% written by me…

UX design is such an important part of the business. One reason is its importance to consumers and other stakeholders. Consumers want a good user experience when using your products or services, which in turn gives them the chance to become advocates for your company, either through word-of-mouth marketing or by directly recommending you as trustworthy.

If your product has poor usability it could lead people who use it regularly to stop using it at all, resulting in lost potential revenue.- Philosopher AI

In addition, UX designers are one of the most cost-effective members of an engineering team. The ability to create a number of user personas and wireframes for free using tools like Adobe XD, Balsamiq, or Sketch can save you thousands on development time and costs.

I can certainly see why UX Design is an important component of a product or service. The experience that the user will have with your product is, after all, an essential factor in their decision to purchase it. But I would say that UX design success really depends on how well you understand human nature and what makes people tick.

For example, take the recent trend of tech start-ups. The idea is to create a new product or service that many people will want to use and enjoy using so much that they will be willing to pay for it. In this case, UX design success depends on how well you understand human nature and what makes people tick.

Therefore in order to create great UX design you have to understand the human condition. You need empathy in order to effectively interact with people and take into account their needs, desires, and limitations.



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