How users interact with businesses on social media in 2021.

Francis Juma Katambi
2 min readJan 6, 2021
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Social media is used by customers throughout their end-to-end experience. Here are 6 interaction types👇


Users discover your business on social media through an advertisement, your posts, or search.

Identify how users might discover your business by providing content that aligns with the problem you are trying to solve for them. Make it interesting!


Here, a user or customer asks these questions👇

What is this?

How does it work for me?

How could I use it?

Provide relevant and easy to understand content to answer the above user’s questions.


The user continues to pose questions like👇

Am I interested in the content the business or company posts?

Which leads to likes, comments, and shares. Remember to include a ‘call to action’ on your posts, Increases engagements.

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How can I buy this?

Make sure you provide sufficient details of your product or service with reviews etc, Also show clearly how a user can buy.


Can I get help in case there’s a problem?

Most users rely on social media to reach out to a company or business to get help. Support interactions can make or break moments for customers. Provide a positive experience.

And finally,


How can I share my experience with others?

For a user to share your content with others, it all depends on the interactions experience a business has provided to that individual.

Positive experiences get more share as the user is happy and you are on top of his or her mind. Thus talking to others about your company or business is un subconsciously easy for them.

Social media is used by customers throughout their end-to-end experience.If you want to create a great experience, you will need to take the time to understand how your business or company fits into your user’s social media experience.

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